Hay Day, is one of the best and famous farming niche android and IOS game available with more than 100 million plus downloads on Google play store and a good number of installs in iTunes app store too. Are you a regular Hay Day farming game player? Do you ever play this game on your Android or IOS smartphone? That’s why you are here and looking for some UNLIMITED Hay day solutions. It’s quite dull to wait for an update, refill or waiting to get another life. Also, there are many limitations, limited Coins, and Diamonds, if you need more coins or Diamonds you have to collect them with the hectic manner, or you have to purchase them with real money but paying for a small update or some extra benefits is not justified. Now your wait is over, no need to wait for long and long for some bounces no need to pay or some additional features we are here with Hay Day mod apk. Are you guys super excited to get unlimited resources!? We are also too enthusiastic while sharing with you this Hay Day hacked version, with some extra cool features. Well, if you don’t know much then Hay Day is farming and producing type game, this game was introduced by “Supercell” gaming company, the company which is well known for some excellent freemium games. Hay Day is comparable to games like  Farmville, but in Hay Day the graphics are much better and developed. It’s not needed to say that, due to graphics and fresh, exciting reasons the game is highly addictive.


So necessary of this game is “Set of the land, expand your plants, and trade products & harvested plants, store them Silo and sell them to acquaintances and friends. It is a location where vegetables and the plants never perish even though it rains. Sharing the farm Not Just with plants but also with all our unique animals just makes matters more enjoyable!” But to grow crops, to buy filed, to buy animals for farms you need resources like Coins and diamonds. You need to spend hours, complete so a task like invite friends or something like this, to get diamonds or coins. But your hectic wait is over here right now. We will provide you a Hay Day hack apk, which comes with unlimited resources. You may hear about this APKs, and all over on the internet, most of them work, don’t work but our provided Hay Day mods tasted and verified.




To get more thrill and success in Hay Day game, you need those resources; Coins and diamonds. In the starting of the game, every player starts with 350 coins. If you are trying to achieve a reasonable level of this game, you need more resources but you will be fed up ultimately because gathering coins and diamonds is not much comfortable. But the game developer created this game too addictive that no one can retreat halfway. But our Hay Day mod provides you UNLIMITED resources, ability to unlock premium features without spending a single penny. You can farm, store, sell your crops quickly without any problem. So the primary motive of this mod is to help you guys get all the resources of the game without waiting endlessly with the help of the Hay Day hack apk.




Yes, it’s possible to get unlimited resources in Hay Day game but you have to use our modded APK instead of the official one. Are you looking to download the Hay Day latest? Everyone who loves this game is looking for the same. In the mod version, you will not only get the features to get Unlimited coins, but also you will get many more premium features for free that are needed to be paid earlier.


To use this modded version of Hay Day APK, you have to uninstall the old one, then download the Hay Day’s APK file from the link bellowed and install it. Are in fear of losing your old data or level completed? No need to worry about it, because in this game you need to link your Facebook account to see the leaderboard, and again you can log in to the Installed apk to get all level achieved. Also, no need to worry about the installation process, we will cover detailed installation guide. You will just have to open the game, and you are good to go. You might be thinking why would anyone play this mod; then the answer is in this mod you will get everything for free and UNLIMITED, you can get unlimited Hay Day coins and Diamonds. We know that one can be bored of anything excessive, so when you feel bored of unlimited feature, you can get back to the original application via downloading it from the Google play.



  • Do not miss! In near feature, there will be a perfect and unique racing bingo style!
  • In Hay Day Mod the board you are waiting and looking for has more new items and improvements.
  • Added at the request of the community.
  •  New plants: peonies and sunflowers.
  •  The new machine: a flower shop.
  •  There are more new products and ability, more than eight new products.
  •  Tasks for the race with new products;
  • In the mod, the interface of town and shops improved with High-Quality graphics.
  •  New developments;
  •  A new booster experience mod apk.
  • You can easily Grow, harvest and change your farm’s look.
  • You can trade your harvested fresh goods and crops with neighbours and with your friends using your roadside shop available in the game.
  • You will get orders for crops and stuff, you can merely Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat.
  • You can build your town and can invite visitors, sell stuff to them and can earn coins.




  • Firstly, you have to download the hay day mod apk or hay day hack apk from the given link. If you have downloaded the APK file on your phone then its okay, but if you have downloaded the APK version of the file on your computer or Laptop then you need to do some practices.
  • After downloading the file from laptop or computer connect your phone to your system with USB cable and transfer the data. Once you got the APK on your device memory then you can just click on file, then install. Wait! Faced any blocking problem? Well, don’t worry about it, providing detailed information to bypass it.
  • So why you are getting that error? Well, it was your phone security attribute or command by OS which is denying to accept any 3rd party unauthorized application to get into its system. Which maybe blocking or preventing the natural installation process. What to do in that case? It’s easy just need to change some settings on your phone.
  • So for the installation issue, you need to change some settings on your phone. So open your phone setting and search for  ‘Lock screen and security’ and click on that option.
  • Out of those, change the settings and look at the choice of Unknown sources and then select on the modify the installation from the 3rd party or the ‘unknown sources.’
  • After following the above steps, you will see a popup will require your permission. In that pop up you can see, whether or not you wish to use this setting for all 3rd party application installation. Allow it.
  • Now open the downloaded Hay Day mod apk file from the file manager from your device, if you don’t have one then you can download any 3rd party file manager application available on app stores, or just you can get the file from the download history.
  • Once you get the APK file, open the file and click on install in the popup menu directly, then the installation process will be started automatically.
  • Now, go ahead to the application installation method to complete the installation process. It will take only a few seconds for the process to complete. Your screen will show the installed achieved and the file installed.




Well, if you wish to use this modded apk of Hay Day, then you must learn some cheats and hacks to experience it in a better way. Get Diamond instantly using this Hay Day mod apk unlimited diamond feature. Diamonds used as the currency in this game while coins used as in-game currency. Already we mentioned that it’s possible not to waste time, one can purchase Diamonds using real money. But there are many other ways to get the diamonds. For example, every player gets one diamond for following Hay Day on Facebook, and if you are logging in using Facebook, then you will get five diamonds. By the Hay Day creator “Supercell” there are many Mystery boxes, accomplishments, and contests organised, and they distribute diamonds and coins as winning the prize.


In the Hay Day Mod APK android you can mine Diamonds, one you reached Level 24. You can gather additional coins by selling some goodies you can purchase building equipment and materials like dynamite in large amounts. Just sell these items when you need coins urgently. This is the fastest way to get some extra coins when you need them. Also, create an advertisement for your pre-sold products. The ad will create all the items you’re selling the public. Always you need to keep a sharp eye on your plant and crops on your farm. It’s very essential.


Your farm animals needed to be fed, also you have to maintain the number of feeds to create items for the marketplace. No need to worry much as in Hay Day Farm mod every resource are unlimited. Use your diamonds to make the production rate faster. Just harvest your crop after it ripe entirely, no need to place it for long. Keep in mind that the plants which grow slowly are more valuable than others. Keep patience and don’t worry about Diamonds and coins, it UNLIMITED.



Keep visiting the site to get the latest update for the Hay Day ultimate hack mod.


So this is all about the Hay Day farm mod APK, which is extremely popular among all farming games. Due to its graphics and other fresh, exciting features, it has more than hundred million download on Google Play.  This game loved by millions, (as you can see the downloads) of fans and you can now play it without any hassles as we have provided you with the ultimate hack for unlocking and unlimited Diamonds and coins feature, all the features of this compelling game. Share this with your friends are family, it will be helpful for them too. We are hoping that we are able to provide each information about your search queries. Playing this Hay Day Mod APK is too easy, one just needs to download the file from the link given and install as per the procedure we mentioned and enjoy the unlimited fun.


There is no bugs and any issues; we cross-checked this APK file before uploading. If you are facing any problems, you can contact us. We hope that you found our article helpful. If yes do visit again for more latest updates and information.




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